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5 Soul Remembrances from Women Who Run With The Wolves

By Tatiana Reed

It’s such a beautiful experience to come across a book that you just know was destined to cross your path… 

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a compilation of “myths and stories of the Wild Woman Archetype” and has served as a catalyst for me on my journey of healing and deeper self-discovery. 

It explains the innate nature of women and reminds us of our instinctual abilities, divine gifts and the pilgrimage one must embark upon to discover, unearth and embrace the Wild Woman. 

This book has provided so many answers to questions that I didn’t even know my heart had asked. For this reason and so many others, my soul offerings inside my community, All Sacred Spaces, highlight the wisdom and teachings of WWRWTW. 

I’d encourage anyone who is interested in becoming more connected to their True Nature to consider exploring this book. 

In my own journey, I’ve gained five soul rememberings that have had a profound impact on me and will remain with me always. 

  1. The medicine your Soul needs will always find & make its way to you 

It’s one thing to visit a bookstore and have a certain book miraculously fly off the shelf towards you, calling you to take it home. It’s an entirely different experience to have a book in hand that guides you ever so gently each time you open it as if it were an Oracle that has been in deep conversation with your Soul for quite some time.

This is the power of WWRWTW. It has the ability to know what you need, when you need it most…this is what I call Soul medicine and the stories shared by Dr. Estes and her words that weave them all together offer this medicine so freely and lovingly. 

Without fail, each time I opened a page there was a new adventure awaiting. Aat times, the words brought me to my knees as tears flowed relentlessly, then soothed aching pains and provided hope during even the darkest of moments, caused deep belly laughter that led to wondrous curiosity of the self all while reminding me of my birthright to fully embody the Wild Woman essence. 

So as you are venturing into the wild and mystical pages of this “bible for all women” as some have called it, I invite you to allow the pages to guide you. The power of the Wild Woman will not lead you astray. 

  1. We all have an inner Wild Woman, we need only to connect to her 

I’ve always followed the off-beaten path, moved to the beat of my own drum so to speak and, after encountering the work of Dr. Estes, I now realize that I had been dancing with the Wild Woman all along. 

This is the beauty of the Wildish One, she is always present even if we have yet to fully realize it. The Wild Woman is our innate nature… our keen intuitive senses, our animalistic instincts, our quest for freedom in the purest form… she is the “female Soul, the source of the feminine”. 

This Wild Woman energy is intertwined with all aspects of our lives, our relationships, our work, our play, our well-being and, especially, our creativity. Feeding the Wild Woman feeds our creativity and thus feeds our life abundantly. 

She is always there just below the surface, gently nudging us all for deeper connection. We all have the ability to connect with this majestic creature. 

Throughout the book, you will discover your inner Wild Woman and all the ways and reasons connection to her is so vital. 

  1. Development of Intuition is Essential 

Intuition can be viewed as our guiding force in this human experience. Dr. Estes says, “It is the Soul-self speaking. [It] senses the directions to go in for most benefit”. 

The thing with intuition is that one must learn to heed to its instructions. “We feed the deep intuitive self by listening to it and acting upon it’s advice.”

Learning to hear the gentle whispers of our intuition must be practiced. So often our environment, relational dynamics and culture attempt to siphon one’s intuitive connection through wayward programming and conditioning. 

WWRWTW reminds us that it is a great victory to listen to and feed the intuitive self and this practice must be done consistently. 

The ways in which we do this vary and the path may not always be filled with ease, yet it can be done– in fact, for the Wild Woman, it must be done.

  1.  Our Soul craves connection, our Spirit thrives in community 

It has been my experience that, to truly become intimate with the Soul, one must create the sacredness of solitude. 

This is where the meeting of the Self takes place, where alchemy happens, reparenting the inner child(ren), and all other necessities for transformative healing to occur and, notably, this is where remembering the ways of our wildish nature greets us. 

During this period it is not uncommon for deep longings to arise, longings for connection of those in likeness…in Spirit, in heart and in Truth, one’s Soul family. 

For in this journey of life, “it is deadly to be without a confidante, without a guide, without even a tiny cheering section”. 

Throughout WWRWTW, it is revealed that it is wise to seek deep connection with the Soul-self first and foremost, for this is the true connection that is craved. 

And it is when we learn to satiate that craving through honoring the ways of the Wild Woman that we are able to trust that we are well on our way to identifying the soulful kinship we require, the ones who will encourage our wild ways. 

Through the connection to the Wild Woman and our loving community we are truly able to thrive. “Thriving is what was meant for us on this earth. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birthright as women”. 

  1.  Learning the Sacred Cycle of Life 

Life flows in a natural cycle of Life. Death. Life. 

Aspects of our lives, of ourselves are born, they die and are born again. It is learning and accepting this very natural and unavoidable process of Life that one can begin to surrender and allow all that will be, to be. 

WWRWTW teaches us that it is okay to be afraid of death — many of us are — but the Wild Woman is not afraid of such things for she knows that death is darkness and “nothing makes the light, the wonder, the treasure stand out so well as darkness.” 

This dance of Life. Death. Life is “composed of the aspects of ourselves who know when something can, should, and must be born and when it must die.”  

We all hold this inner knowing which is why this dance is so innate for us, we need only to remember… to remember that Death must always precede Life and where there is no place for death, there is also no place for life to flourish.

Tatiana Reed is a Los Angeles based student & practitioner of the healing arts, Spiritual Guide & Foundress of All Sacred Spaces, an online community healing center for Melanated Beings (BIPOC).