By Millana Snow

July Energy Reading

Stop working so hard and enjoy your summer. Start laying in the sand and feel the sun on your skin. It’s time for more art, dancing, love, flowers and good food. Stop working so hard and enjoy your summer.

Where in your life do you need to substitute music and movement for striving and trying? Where in your life are you selling and telling where you’d rather just see and be seen in your wholeness and in your boldness?

Let your fire and desire flow into passionate expressions of your love manifested purely for your own indulgence, allowing others to then take part in your overflow.

Not everyone can get the full gift if they don’t have the capacity to receive it. Your gifts aren’t for everyone. Move on quickly if the understanding is that you have to work for them to receive you.

Be so busy with cultivating your joy and expression that you forget what it means to participate in capitalism.

Prioritize love and its many expressions through you so diligently that you never even notice who’s watching, supporting or criticizing.

Let your gifts be personal and abundant for you first, so you know how best to share and reveal them for those that are ready and waiting to receive it.

Let this portal be one of inner enjoyment, reminding yourself what it means to really love and be alive. Do more of what gets you into being. You are worth it.