By Millana Snow

June Energy Reading

The ability to quickly alchemize and transmute all challenges, blockages and disfunction is at an all-time high this month for 2021. Dedicate your time, energy and resources to this portal where the power of transmutation and transformation is expedited with efficiency once and for all. 

There is no need to waste years on the themes and lessons that are lingering. What in the past took years or even decades to break through and/or manifest could take you hours or days if you are accountable to the energy that you’re facing.

This is not necessarily a time of active manifestation, rather a time of accepting unwinding, untying and releasing that which kept those dreams and visions from having the space and energy to be in your life and the physical realm. 

Where there is discomfort, there is resistance towards what is passing away and what is in its place, becoming. Softness and restoration are required in those transits, while also remaining clear and accountable to the lessons and the truth that is generously being bestowed upon us all at this time. 

Don’t be afraid, because joy, redemption and liberation are on the other side of this uncomfortable resistance to what must die so that what is TRUE about you can thrive and truly LIVE. Do not let your fear cripple you. 

Often what we fear the most is not that we cannot handle what’s coming or the responsibility that comes with our growth — we’re afraid of the bonds of identity that we can no longer carry forward, that we didn’t want to really accept and no longer serve ourselves or others. In times of rapid transformation, we fear leaving who we think we are and who we were told we were supposed to be. It’s our old identity and all those bonds that try to keep it from changing that must die so that there is space for that which we’ve asked for and called in, to take its place

Make it all easier and let go of the identity that has already passed away so you have the room, the capacity and the power to allow what has already become the next version of you in this infinite evolution of self.

Whatever old fears and programs you have about the same old lessons and traumas that will return, recognize that this time, this month, this portal, is meant for those old patterns to finally be broken, and quickly. And in the breaking of those old ways, without holding it off any longer, without resisting it any further, we will see the life that we dreamed of manifesting and it will all feel so normal because it’s just the next layer of expressing who you are becoming. 

Journal Prompts

What teams, issues and energies need to be addressed right now?

Where have you been numb and or in denial about certain issues and/or conflicts that you must now face and take responsibility for?

Where in your life, work, relationships and ways of being must you create new boundaries for a healthier, more balanced way of relating and connecting?

What identities do you hold that are no longer your reality? And who in your life does not reflect or respect the new identity taking shap