By Millana Snow

May Energy Reading

It’s time to accept the help and support of your ancestors. You don’t have to put up with pain, disease, depression or even sadness anymore — you can transmute it all. Just drop down into a deeper state of okay-ness, a knowing that all is well. It’s time to allow the help of your spiritual support team, your spiritual elders and ancestors they will help you to process it, so turn to them now.

There’s no need to worry and or deal with what has always been a problem. It is all easily alchemized by your own words, thoughts, rituals, spells and understanding. Get creative and call upon the elements, the ancestors and the unseen realm to affect that which is seen and felt.

This month is about true fulfillment, love and joy. Because to truly live the life of your dreams is to allow the fullness of experiencing of it with ease and acceptance.

Allow love in. Allow the fresh air of a new season into your lungs with grace and gratitude. Let it all be easy. Let it go if it’s not so it can be easy again. Do what feels good by actively choosing it.

Let May be the month that it’s meant to be, one full of elevation and expansion without resistance and struggle. Just let it flow, let it grow. You don’t need to push the blade of grass from the soil, enjoy being its witness.

Choose excitement over fear, reward over punishment. Let your optimism be your guide. Let your beauty and love work for you. Let your energy precede you. Let your ancestors do what they are trying to do if you’ll just allow it.

Journal Prompts:

What can you let go of, to allow it to be easy?

What are you fearful about that is actually excitement withheld?

Where in your life or career do you feel tired and overworked? Can you give yourself permission to prioritize what is best for you? What does that look like?