By Wellness Official

April Energy Reading

This is a month where are you must be very clear with your thoughts and expectations as you can quickly create whatever it is that you softly give your attention to. This month take a daily account of how you’re creating everything you see.

There is a blossoming and flourishing energy to this month that is also balanced with the need to be aware of those who feel they must take rather than create abundance for themselves.

There are many in our society who are still learning to create and rely completely on their own creations, rather than live off of the creations of others. Be mindful to foster collaboration where there is clarity on the laws of co-creation.

The laws of co-creation are clear and simple, but few have had access to learning or practicing this way of being and doing. Conscious co-creation requires an all-in mentality. And to be all in, one must release all fear and be boldly transparent with themselves and others.

Co-creation and collaboration is ripe to flourish this season if all parties understand that everything is earned not by hours worked, emails sent or even time spent- but by the clarity, purity, and focus of energy contributed.

This month, if you’ve been waiting for someone to give you permission, tell you what to do, or show you the way for you -you will get left behind. It is not because you are not good enough, smart enough, or worthwhile- it’s simply not how the new season and paradigm work.

You can no longer think and act solely of and for yourself, yet you must rely solely on the energetic connection of Source within you. This time is about contributing to the whole while shining completely as you are. This is a season of win-win, and for that – fierce clarity is required.

Get clear on what you’re here to do in this season. And then go all out. Where you feel disconnected and misaligned- plug back into Source within you first and as your number one priority. This month can be fun, creative, and abundant; it’s up to you to really own your sovereignty while being mindful of your part to the greater whole.

Journal prompts

Where and with whom are you allowing others to dictate your emotional states?

Who in your life or your line of vision is self-reliant in their mental, emotional and energetic states and productivity? How can you collaborate and co-create with them more?

Where in your daily life do you need to pull your energy back to yourself?