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Dennisse Morales: Uncovering My True Essence

This story is part of a series from graduates of Wellness Official Founder Millana Snow’s Integrative Energy Healing Training

The way energy healing came into my life was pure synchronicity

I was working in fine dining when I first heard the word Reiki. I didn’t think much of it, until it popped up two more times. I was constantly getting compliments on my energy back then and, eventually, I heard through a friend that her boyfriend was a Reiki master who was taking students again. It all clicked…

After my first Reiki training something in me shifted and I could no longer settle. My job was not my passion and, for a Latina woman, a dead end. With the support of my boyfriend and without a plan, I quit, trusting in the universe to show me the way.

Spirit stepped in again as I was studying to become a personal trainer. I got into a car accident, herniating a disc in my cervical spine. I turned to yoga to rehab and quickly fell in love and became a teacher who specializes in healing. I was in alignment and living in flow when I won a ticket to Wellspring where I first met Millana Snow and experienced her unique and powerful healing style. 

Time passed and I fell out of flow. The stress of co-parenting my stepson, who lives with his own challenges, and my PTSD being triggered from an abusive relationship threw my body into a constant state of fight or flight. 

I had seen Millana post about an Integrative Energy Healing training she was leading and was called to apply, but, feeling anxious and depressed, I didn’t take action. The window closed and I saw that the training was full.

That same day, I stopped by CVS to pick up my stepson’s prescription when a women remarked, “You have a purple light around you.” I paused and she shared insights with me that Spirit urged her to. She was an intuitive and they were spot on. Among these insights was the revelation that I had yet to realize all of my gifts and that I was being weighed down by a dark energy that wasn’t my own, preventing Spirit from being able to reach me. I went home and left a comment on Millana’s post. The next day she DM’d me, saying that she felt something special and would open up a spot if I wanted it. 

I had no idea when I arrived at training that we were going to learn by doing this deep healing on ourselves. The first day, I had some resistance. I spoke to Millana afterwards and, immediately, she saw me and knew what I needed to hear. “Healing is messy, it’s ok to be angry, to let go of composure.”

On the second day, with Millana’s support and guidance, I was able to do some intense and profound work, experiencing deep resonance and connection like all of my fellow students. At the end of each day, I felt like a new version of me. I got to a place where I had cleared so much that the next two days were filled with deep joy and elation as I dove into the practice. I left the training glowing with a deep desire to share this work with any and everyone I could. 

Where Reiki didn’t align perfectly for me, this work did. I was passionate about it. I quickly went from offering donation-based sessions to receiving referrals for paying clients.

In my personal life, I was blessed with a pregnancy. I had always wanted a child. With everything going on with my stepson, my now-fiancé and I thought it wouldn’t be a great idea. I was on the pill and, due to the high levels of stress I’d been experiencing, hadn’t had a period in months. Yet here I am now with a beautiful, happy, sweet little boy.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to do remote healings with people all over the world. I love to utilize crystals in my sessions, as well as earth elements and cards depending on what the intention is. I close every session with sound healing for integration. My clients are able to receive deep insights, release trauma, communicate with ancestors, go on journeys, and more, while I am holding space. Every time I am blown away by the power of this work and am so grateful to be able to share and facilitate it.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who feels called to it. Regardless of what you plan on doing afterwards, it will transform you for the better. This work helps you to uncover your true essence and empower you to shine. You’ll also gain a community of beautiful souls.

I am beyond grateful for everything this training has bestowed upon me.

Dennisse Morales is Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer living in Los Angeles. You can find her on Instagram @dennissespieces and on her website

For more information about Millana Snow’s Integrative Energy Healing Training, visit her website.