By Graciela Rasor

7 Powerful Women On Financial Wellness

We’re comfortable discussing our innermost souls, our mushroom trips, our self-pleasure practices, and our conversations with our spirit ancestors, but there’s one thing that still raises some hairs in the wellness community: money.

Many have divorced money from wellness and spirituality, suggesting that we forgo our material possessions and attachments to the physical in devotion to something higher. 

But now, a new type of money conversation is taking place. One that allows for nuance, honesty, and joy. That acknowledges the systems that we live in and, also, the stability, benevolence, expansion, and freedom that being financially well can provide within those systems.

When we prioritize and invest in our financial wellness, we take ownership of our place in the world as co-creative partners with the universe. If we choose, in our overflow, we can help to ease suffering and bring about more kindness and equality for people and the planet. 

But many of us weren’t raised with a sense of empowerment around our own finances, especially those of us who identify as female. In fact, women invest 40 percent less than men on average, which means they can stand to lose out on $1 million in wealth creation over the course of their lifetimes.

We know that, when women make money, they invest it back into their communities, each other and the causes that they care about most. The abundance of women directly translates to the abundance of the collective.

Which is why we partnered with, an app that makes investing in the stock market inclusive, educational and fun, to bring together a powerful group of female entrepreneurs to speak on their personal journeys to financial wellness. 

If the conversation motivates you to get started on investing in the market, pop on over to where you can get started with any amount. Investing is just one way to grow your financial wellbeing and, thanks to, you can engage in a community of transparency and support that’ll help you invest wisely, no matter where you are in your financial journey. 

Need a little nudge to take more inspired action towards more personal financial freedom, expansion and wellness? Here’s what seven women we love and respect have to say on the matter…

“Financial wellness is understanding that money is energetic and, the better you manage your energy, the more financial security and freedom you will have.”

Koya Webb, Author, Educator and Founder of Get Loved Up Yoga School and Podcast, @koyawebb

“Like any relationship, avoidance and shame creates anxiety and disconnect. When I decided to actually take my financial wellness seriously, I began to feel more confident in all areas of my life.”

Lindsey Simcik, Co-Host Almost 30 Podcast, @lindseysimcik

“Feeling financially well has impacted my life in more ways than one. I feel more at peace, more in my power, and more able to serve because I know that I myself am secure and supported enough on my own so that I can give back.”

Krista Williams, Co-Host Almost 30 Podcast, @itskrista

“Financial wellness means: having access to financial education, having confidence with numbers, overcoming lack mentality or financial fears from our upbringing, and understanding the value and energy of our finances. Financial wellness means financial freedom.”

Laticia Rolle, Actor, Model, Creator of Tress Hats and Host of Girl We Got This, @laticia.rolle 

“Without self-trust, there can be no financial wellness. As women and femmes, we’ve been socialized to associate money with emotionality — fear, scarcity, and spending. More often than not, we tend to believe we’re “bad with money,” as if we are the problem. We’re not, but we can be the solution. And for me, that starts with viewing money as a neutral force: an energy with no agenda. Like all energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed. Only tuned into and used liked the tool it is. That takes objectivity, discernment, and trust. If we can understand how our blocks to money are based in someone or something else’s money dis-ease, we can see them for what they are: hindrances to abundance. This has been my ongoing journey with financial wellness. Trusting that I’m capable of tapping into an energy and not taking the fact that it’s constantly in flux personally.”

Jericho Mandybur, Award-Winning Coach, Best-Selling Author and Creative, @jerico_mandybur

“Financial wellness means balance; a state of mind that can usher in an even flow, a mutual current that can aid in communicating with our world in its current state.”

Lyric Michelle, Artist and Musician, @iamlyric 

“Financial wellness is to be in balance with the natural flow of divine energetic exchange, growth and expansion in all its forms both in my daily life and how I impact others at scale. I find that my financial wellness is directly tied to my awareness of self – am I operating in fear? Or am I operating from a place of wisdom, passion, and expansion? When I spend my time and energy viewing money, debt and assets as tools that I can use, share and spend instead of things that use and victimize me, I see that it truly is all energy that flows in direct response to my awareness. 

My intention is to transform my own programs and fears by educating myself on the tools and systems that are working and available, so that I can apply the principles of compassion, freedom, creation, and benevolence in a way that will make my life, my family, community, and the planet more free and well. By being financially free we can spend our time and resources innovating and making impactful changes to society for a greater good!”

Millana, Energy Healer & Founder of Wellness Official, @millanasnow

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