By Wellness Official

Wellness Official’s Guide to the Basics of the Chakra System

The chakra system is the framework of the ancient energy network found throughout cultures, namely Hinduism.

Underneath some of the appropriative language that the chakra system has taken on in the world of modern wellness lies a breadth of ancient truths about how we can live our lives from a place of openness and freedom, rather than fear and restriction. This framework guides us through higher levels of consciousness and ways of being for everyday breakthrough, health and well-being.

When our chakras are open, we feel the expansiveness of life. Energy moves easily and freely, supporting our movement in the world.

But when our chakras are closed, we feel stuck and small, often actively living in fear instead of in love. Things feel harder and we find ourselves literally closing off to the energies of the world.

Keeping your chakras “open” isn’t some out-there idea; there is a deeply spiritual yet practical application to making this wisdom relevant to you now. You can maintain a daily practice so that you can observe the flow of energy through the chakra system: to keep evolving, feeling amazing and expanding in life.

Here’s our complete Wellness Official guide to keeping your own chakras open and balanced.

Root Chakra

Location in the Body: Base of the spine

Qualities: The root chakra is where our first programming comes from. This is where we are taught “how to be human,” which isn’t always in alignment with our soul. The root is about feeling safe, belonging or fitting in with the tribe, and money issues often live here. In order to feel grounded we must drop our souls down to connect body and spirit.

Open: grounded, trusting, feeling healthy & strong, feeling safe & secure, at ease in the body, strong boundaries

Closed: anxious, fearful, insecure, feelings of being unsafe, lower body pain, low energy, survival mode

Practices to Support the Root: spending time in nature, aum chanting, frankincense essential oil, red color therapy, creating & holding firm boundaries with family, coworkers & friends

Sacral Chakra

Location in the Body: Above the pubic bone

Qualities: The sacral chakra is our creative and sexual center. When flowing, this is where we birth babies, books and businesses. Co-creating with the unseen, you turn the non-physical into physical form uniquely and individually through you. It is your birthright to create, you must allow true intimacy and connection through Source within you.

Open: energetic, joyful, creative, sensual, fertile, open & intimate, compassionate, forgiving

Closed: emotionally unstable, withdrawn, low libido, hormone imbalances, unforgiving & controlling, judgmental, resentful

Practices to Support the Sacral: self-pleasure, 288 Hz frequency binaural beats, orange color therapy, sandalwood essential oil, practicing whatever creativity speaks to you

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location in the Body: Above the navel

Qualities: The solar plexus is your central sun, powering your entire nervous system. This energetic center is where the non-physical self and the soul express through purpose and personality. Confidence, self-empowerment and inner light live here.

Open: self-sovereign, self-empowered, healthy digestion, living your purpose, shining bright & being seen, independent thinking & action

Closed: loss of purpose, anger, jealousy, lack of motivation, insecurity, low self-esteem & confidence, stomach & lung problems

Practices to Support the Sacral: affirmations, chanting RAM, yellow color therapy, lemon & cedar essential oil, taking steps to live your purpose

Heart Chakra

Location in the Body: Center of the chest

Qualities: The heart chakra is your connection to give and receive unconditional love — first from Source within you, flowing out into oneness. This is where life-force is sparked by non-physical divine energy and a sacred Mother Earth energy. Compassion, forgiveness, unity, understanding and higher perspective flow from this center.

Open: inner-peace, healthy circulation, acceptance of self & others, forgiveness, following inner guidance, compassion

Closed: lack of self-love, circulatory issues, jealousy & greed, judging yourself & others, grief, despair & depression, seeking validation & security

Practices to Support the Solar Plexus: feeling your feelings, 528 Hz frequency binaural beats, rose quartz crystals, green and light pink color therapy, practicing compassion towards others

Throat Chakra

Location in the Body: Throat

Qualities: The throat chakra is how we express our truth to the world. Speaking your truth first starts with how you are speaking to yourself. To know your truth, to then speak your truth, and live your truth. The energy of this chakra is all about embracing your power, expressing your highest self, and sharing your unique expression from oneness.

Open: living authentically, healthy thyroid, deeply listening to others, authentic expression of self, speaks mindfully to self & others, communicating thoughtfully & clearly

Closed: living out of authenticity, hormone fluctuation, difficulty listening to others, fear of expressing true self, gossiping, dominating conversation, unable to voice opinions

Practices to Support the Throat: speaking your truth in every moment, rosemary essential oil, chanting HAM during meditation, blue color therapy, turquoise and lapis crystals, speaking & singing

Third Eye Chakra

Location in the Body: Between the eyebrows

Qualities: The third eye is where you connect to your intuition, inner-vision, and higher consciousness. Here, you are able to se infinite realms of possibilities of both the physical and non-physical. When you begin to trust your third eye, you can see beyond the programs of society. Trust your third eye and it will open up to you, and you can then watch the synchronicities unfold.

Open: sharp intuition, clear inner/outer-vision, telepathy & clairvoyance, seeing beyond the obvious, heightened sense of self, synchronicity & flow

Closed: lack of imagination, poor vision/memory, inability to set goals or plans, difficulty with the future, nightmares & paranoia, lack of creativity

Practices to Support the Third Eye: meditation & breathwork, jasmine & lavender essential oils, amethyst crystals, bells & wind chimes, indigo color therapy, visualization

Crown Chakra

Location in the Body: Top of the head

Qualities: The crown chakra is the center for receiving divine, the non-physical energy receptor. Here flows life force and divine intelligence. The crown is meant to support the human in experiencing the full and infinite self. This is the force that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit, distributing this energy throughout the physical body and down the lower chakras. The more we connect with our crown chakra consciousness, the more we connect with the universe and each other.

Open: lucid dreaming, mindfully present, clarity of vision, focus & determination, communicating with Spirit, tingling sensations in head & spine, conscious exchange of energy from the divine.

Closed: insomnia & sleep issues, disconnected from self, lacking in vision, loneliness, disconnected from Spirit, migraines & recurring headaches, lack of creativity & inspiration

Practices to Support the Crown: sandalwood essential oil, making art, manifestation, clean eating, violet color therapy, silent meditation