By Millana Snow

March Energy Reading

Say it and feel it: This month is the month of magic and divine intervention. Just like a new flower bud opens in its chosen time, so too must you and your reality shift when you work intentionally with the unseen. Water your seeds and open to what you can create with your consciously chosen beliefs, expectations, feelings, and actions.

Drop into this moment, let this moment be a new opportunity for everything to change and break open. Use this gateway called March, as a portal for radical new expectations of what is possible for you, letting go of any doubt, fear, guilt, and shame that comes up along the way. What could be possible if you were willing to just let that go – what if you didn’t hold those feelings and beliefs anymore? EVERYTHING on your heart would not only be possible but manifested and realized.

What identity have you been guarding that is no longer of use to you? What ways do you say, “This is me?” Are you choosing this? Or have you resigned to that being the only thing possible? Your beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking, solidified by emotions that affirm that, yes, this is true. This then dictates how you show up, creating the reality that is reflected back to you.

Can you drop down and feel how you really feel about what you desire most? What belief does this feeling have attached to it? Can you just let it go again and again until you drop into acceptance, love, gratitude, and peace? When we do this kind of inner work, we see that all of our beliefs are our own choice. Will you choose to hold onto beliefs about who you think you are if they are holding you back from experiencing what you are called to be, do, and have?

It’s understandable that the things you’ve worked on for so long have not changed. Often, it is because, in your heart, you expect that what has happened will be what will continue to happen. It’s time to courageously expect and know that every moment is fresh, new, and infinite in its possibility. It is your closely held beliefs and identifications with the world that keep your reality looking the same day after day, month after month, and year after year.

You don’t have to DO more to have more; you just be more of who you really are. Be the one where all those visions and dreams are already true and watch it all unfold to and through you. Yes, action is often required to “manifest,” but it is the action that gets you to flow and BE that is where magical co-creative living with the unseen happens.

This month, prioritize taking action that gets you into higher states of BEing. Be the person who is that, who has those “things,” who experiences this way of life/relationship/home, etc. Then you will see your expectations, beliefs, and emotional states change. The way you show up will transform upward and, when you let yourself do this long enough (even for just a few hours), your reality shows you how powerful it is to consciously work with the unseen!

Journal Prompts:

What is it that I am working to manifest this month that has not been feeling so certain for me lately?

When I meditate and feel into it, how do I feel when I think about this manifestation being true right now?

Can I let myself feel into how I really feel and what comes up for me, then let the feelings and the corresponding beliefs go?

What parts of my identity or who I say I am that don’t feel good can I feel into and let go of now?