By Graciela Rasor

8 Things I Learned About Self-Love from Sah D’Simone’s TikTok

Amidst the dance challenges and teen love triangles on TikTok, there’s a thriving spiritual community spreading high-vibe content on healing, astrology, embodiment and everything in between.

If you’ve found yourself in that sunny little corner of the app, you’ve probably seen our friend Sah D’Simone. Adorned with funky tattoos, gorgeous curls and the occasional fluffy bathrobe, Sah’s larger-than-life personality jumps off the screen and all but requires your attention.

His message? You deserve to heal. You deserve to love yourself. And you get to do it with joy.

What follows is a masterclass from Sah on self-love, all delivered in 60 seconds or less

1. You Deserve to Love Yourself Even If You’re Not Fully “Healed”

If you’re waiting until you’re “healed” or the “best version of you” to begin fully loving and accepting yourself, you’ll be waiting forever. Your healing journey isn’t linear and self-acceptance gets to be part of the journey, not a marker of its success. You deserve to love yourself now, in all your human imperfection.

2. Be Your Own Best Friend

Too often, we fall into the trap of being our own worst enemy, critiquing and tearing ourselves down before someone else has the opportunity to. There’s almost a comfort in donning the enemy hat and commiserating with friends over our shortcomings. What if, instead, you chose to be your own best hype person? What if you let yourself cheer for the things going right, the innate talents that only you possess and your massive impact on this world?

3. Remember Your Innate Worthiness


Take time everyday to remember your goodness #spiritualguidance

♬ Everyday – Single – Carly Comando

One of the greatest Sah gems on this list: “Your goodness is not circumstantial and it’s not conditional.” You are, at your core, innately worthy and deserving of all the goodness in the world. But you might’ve forgotten that because we live in a world full of “shoulds” and “have-tos.” Your job is not to become anything you’re not. It’s to remember who you are.

4. Self-Love Starts with Liking Yourself A Little More Each Day

If you’re at the beginning of your healing journey, you might feel overwhelmed by the path that lies ahead. But Sah reminds us that baby steps are always the solution. If you’re walking the path and liking yourself just the tiniest bit more each day, you’re doing an amazing job.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Really Feel Yourself


I had lasers done on my skin to erase the years of acne scars, and I woke up this morning feeling crunchy. So let’s rise out of the funk together!

♬ original sound – Dion

Sah’s not shy about showing that he’s into himself. Every twerk, every twirl, every flirty glance says it all: I like me and I want you to know it. Can you allow yourself to be that bold? Maybe that’s putting on a fabulous dress just to hop on your Zoom call or being coy with the camera on IG stories or having a solo sensual dance session in your kitchen. Whatever you choose, don’t hold back!

6. Your Beliefs Live Rent Free in Your Mind – So Make Sure They’re Worthy of That

You know that, over time, repetitive thoughts turn into hardened belief systems that govern your actions. Whether positive or negative, these belief systems take up space in your being, but by no means are you at their mercy. Choose to actively confront and then clear out your limiting beliefs – the voices that tell you you’re not good enough or that someone else could do it better. Make space for the beliefs that support your authentic worthiness. 

7. Don’t Hold Back on Your Brilliance


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♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly

Many of us are uncomfortable with shining. Often, we become the people that hold us back most, choosing the familiar instead of the extraordinary. When you do that, you not only rob yourself of the joy of really being seen, but you take away the opportunity for the world to see your gifts too. Stop being your own biggest gate keeper and start trusting that your gifts are needed.

8. Self-Care Doesn’t Have to Be So Serious

One thing that sets Sah apart from the traditional spiritual community? He refuses to take himself too seriously. Sah has reverence for the work, but his methods feel accessible, fun and full of joy. Let your self-love and self-care be silly – painting with your fingers, singing at the top of your lungs, dancing your heart out. Choose to be a conduit for joy and watch it find you.