By Millana Snow

February Energy Reading

This is a big energy month for a breakthrough, at the highest level, through conscious collaboration. This month is unlike any other before it, as the old systems are being broken down by the emerging expression of Aquarian Age innovation and collaboration. This new shade of creation is one of compassion, with a vision of a world where there is possibility and space for all to thrive.

Don’t wait to be chosen anymore. Choose yourself and know that you are here for a purpose, and that you are safe and ready to exercise and express what only you can contribute for the greater good of the whole. Be a part of the groundswell by casting off anxiety and fear to instead emanate joy and excitement by taking the next inspired and aligned action. So much of your anxiety is simply joy and excitement withheld.

There is a tipping point this month, where the collective has allowed new levels of connection and fluency with the divine. From this flows an infintite stream of ideas and potential to create things that have long been called impossible.

There is a stream, a flow that you can snyc up with, even with what you call your “imperfections” or “room to grow.” You are worthy of allowing yourself to reach new heights of living wholly and in alignment with the Godliness within you. Can you imagine, if you were vigilant with your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, what would be possible? There are so many people to connect with now; there are no barriers to collaboration at the highest scale. There are enough people awake now for us to band together and create a world where everyone and everything is sacred and protected.

Do not hold back this month. Be clear to leave it all on the”field” in the name of joy, possibility, and clarity. Be clear to take no action that is out of alignment, fearful, and indecisive in any way. As always, we must line up fully with our choices and actions to be in alignment with our vision and the manifestation of it. This means that we are in our true self, the one who is clear, the one who is excited, kind and compassionate towards all.

Journal Prompts:

What projects and ideas can I double down on right now?

What is requiring more courage and trust in my life and work right now?

What is an exciting way to collaborate right now and in the weeks to come?