By Millana Snow

January Energy Reading

There is much to pause in gratitude today, no matter what your situation, you can say that you made it to a tune called 2021. Feel the peace and love that comes from being in this moment fully.

This month is ripe for so much fullness and breakthrough, lest you not turn away from your courage to step up and out on your behalf. There is so much potential for you and your good- will you dare to not leave yourself and stand up to accept the glory of you?

There is no celebration, no validation, no sweet victory more potent and true than the celebration and validation of your victory over all self-doubt and fear. With this aim being your priority, this month – this year will be your best yet not matter what comes your way.

With the portal that is “the new year” after what many have called a “hard year” we have an opportunity to see that at every moment everything is present, everything is potential and it is up to us to be mindful and bold with our choices, perspective, and actions. Let those be based on the potential that you’d rather see blossom in the world and your life.

If you choose, this could be your golden era, never has so much been available to support you with ease, expansion, and abundance AND yet there has never been a time of more distractions that keep you from knowing and experiencing this as a way of life.

Remember, this month and forevermore; you are the one that you’ve been waiting for. If you will adamantly rise to the occasion of every big thing that calls you forward and higher, even when you are scared you will see that what you can not do the universe will supply. With you by your side, all is won/one.

Journal Prompts:
What opportunities and potential realities do I dream, that are calling me now?

In what ways do I leave myself and my potential winds behind, rather than give my all?

In what ways can I give my all to what is being called from me to step into in a big and expansive way?

3 thoughts on “January Energy Reading

  1. I greet you in the name of The Most High, You are a walking miracle. I know the the ancestors sent you to me. I have been in a wilderness for a very long to time , but it is good to know that I am finally freeing myself for new horizons at hand. By faith, determination, and being an active participant, I see success story. Each one’ Teach one’ Glory to God for 3rd world countries. I Hope To Meet You Face To Face!

  2. I must allow my mind to transform my world to never ending possibilities. I must arise to the occasion of a new day that brings about radical change. My mood, my thoughts, my emotion must all align with my spiritual/physical world. I have come to the reality that all things are a blessing in disguise We all must look a bit more deeper with God eyes to see who & what will cause me to elevate to the next level. It is time to soar. SHAKE IT OFF” TAYLOR SWIFT!

  3. You are only moments away from embracing health, wealth, longevity, rest, peace, love, joy, and stepping into your destiny”

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