By Alexandra Arenas

2020 Reflection + Journal Prompts

Though 2020 was memorable for unfortunate reasons, it has been a year of GROWTH. It seems as if this year has flown by in a second, yet so much has happened. With 2020 wrapping up, it is a great time for reflection. Grab a journal, light some candles, and take some time to reflect!

-What were my biggest challenges from 2020? How did I respond to those challenges and how did they shape me?

-In what ways did the world make positive progress in 2020? What would I like to see more progress around in 2021, and how can I contribute to it?

-What are my top 5 priorities going into the new year? How can I set myself up to keep these priorities in the forefront going into the new year?

-How can I grow in this upcoming year, and how will I make space and time for it?

-What is my mantra going into the new year?