By Alexandra Arenas

Mindful Gift Guide: For Your Wellness Bestie

1. Kola Sets

Kola has the perfect sets that make deciding which gifts to get for who easier this year. Kola sets have cute personality types and the product to match each personality so there’s something for everyone.

2. Plant People CBD Oil

Your every day, anytime tincture to calm the mind and body. A balanced, full-spectrum hemp extract to regulate mental and physical systems that support homeostasis.

3. Lashin Gua Sha

The Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool is a custom-designed Gua Sha tool created by Sandra Lanshin Chiu – acupuncturist, herbalist, and expert in Facial Gua Sha and Chinese medicine based skincare. Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, the practice of Gua Sha has a multitude of benefits that you will learn all about when you watch Sandra’s videos.

4. Bala Bangles

If your wellness bestie doesn’t have Bala Bangles yet, they are a must! Ranging in shades and weights, Bala Bangles add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. Wildy versatile, they can be worn on wrists or ankles for training and recreational activities alike.

5. Rose Quartz Water Bottle

Crystal Point Gem-Water Bottles help you enjoy the benefits of crystals wherever you go. Just add water! This provides a modern, hygienic way to transform everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gem-water in just 7-10 minutes. This water bottle was designed to transform your water and support your mind, body, & spirit. Charge your water and stimulate your senses.

6. Ghost Flower Activewear

Ghost Flower creates high-performance activewear – and a cutting edge movement practice – built around the body’s natural energy channels. They fuse fashion, science, and movement to help you achieve your optimum self. Text us at +1(323)622-7711 for 15% off!