By Millana Snow
Matt Mullenweg

Video: Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress

In September of 2019, I had the immense pleasure of leading a breathwork meditation for the keynote event at the annual Automattic meetup in Orlando. This once a year gathering was for the hundreds of people behind brands like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Tumblr, just to name a few. Over the course of my three sessions, I met team members from all over the world, after doing breathwork and energy healing work with hundreds of people; we cried, we laughed and we connected in ways that can only come from experiences where you are reminded that we really are all one.

One of the amazing people that I met there was Matt Mullenweg, the founder and CEO of Automattic- most known for his hugely impactful role of making the internet a more accessible space with WordPress- which powers over 37% of the world’s websites. It was also Matt that had the final sign off to have me lead his entire company in a moving mindful experience. I am honored to share that thanks to him and the amazing folks at Automattic- our new shiny site is built in partnership with WordPress thanks to the wonderful connections made on that occasion.

In our exciting partnership with WordPress, we are kicking off our new journal with an interview with Matt Mullenweg, a thoughtful leader who truly is making this world a better place by democratizing the web, redefining how we work and so much more! It’s not a coincidence that we have come together with a shared vision to make the worlds we work in more accessible. I’m excited for you to follow along on this interview, on topics that Matt has rarely spoken about like his meditation practice, self-care, his “woo-woo” reading list, and what he does to be a well-rounded leader. Enjoy the full interview in the video below and let us know what your big takeaways were.