By Millana Snow

December Energy Reading

It’s high time to allow yourself have more fun in designing the life that you desire and see for yourself. It doesn’t have to be so serious, in fact the more joy you live and vibrate in the more will come to you. 

So make it your primary aim to allow more joy this month, do not hold it off any longer. Seek joy and make space for joy at every intersection of reality and choice. Not joy that is predicated on reason, or external circumstances, like your job or the holidays. Just joy for joy’s sake. For the living of life, because it’s yours and you’re still here to seek it out and feel that feeling.

Let your dreams be what you live and allow to play out in real time, to the fullest degree that your current physical reality will lend itself. Then you will see that those perceived boundaries will begin to stretch or collapse all together. 

Let this last grandstand of 2020 be the opportunity to fill out the space that you previously shrunk back from. Let this perpetual state of expansion be the new normal, the default state. The only limitations now or ever, is within you and your perception of what is real and possible. So instead of thinking that something you imagine is for someone else or for another time far out into the future; remember that it’s all up to you, to see in a different way, to say yes to and move towards. 

Be sure to not be aloof or apathetic about your joy or your money. You must be actively engaged with the energy of prosperity and magic to begit more of it. They both have a air of attraction when you are attentive but not desperate, when you are excited and not tepid. Think of these energies like you would an intimate love connection- if you just let it come and go- how often will want to stay? Test your trust and your faith this month, by practicing joy for joys sake and see how more flows your way. 

This is the last stretch of this time called 2020, you’ve done a great job, take time -make time for creating more space, setting higher standards and accept them in, as you allow yourself to say yes, to joy and expansion. Isn’t this the way to set the tone for a new year?

Journal Prompts:

How can I make time in my day for joy?

Where do I need to hold myself accountable for treating money and joy as unimportant?

What tone do I want to set this month to close out 2020?