By Millana Snow

November Energy Reading

Every month, energy healer and Wellness Official founder Millana Snow shares her transmission for the month ahead.

Trust in what is unfolding. Lean into what is, so you can move through it to see what can become. There is much pressure at the gates of your consciousness, your heart and mind and if you should choose it – you can glean from this time a greater purpose than you’ve ever known. 

This world is not what it seems. There is nothing to worry about, but do have the outmost concern for where your vibrational state lingers. So beware of worry, fear, lack and self-doubt and the vibration and reality that these states beget. 

Trust yourself and go within regularly, as this is what is the most important action to take- however you get there is up to you. Yes this month, there is much to learn, understand and news. But all that outward information must follow once you are clear on the information that flows within you. 

What do you want directing the sails of your ship? The pundits? The politicians? The markets? Or will you allow yourself to breakthrough the matrix and realize that you are in the container you put yourself in- whether you know it or not – the choice is yours. The need to actualize your peace throughout these updates is where your future happiness and peace is most dependent.

It is clear that this month is the Apex of events months in the making. All the work, clarity, prescribed practices that have been applied and integrated to this point, are needed to be summoned by you now. Get ahead of it all, set the tone of how you will experience this moment. 

Everything you need is within you. There is peace within the eye of the storm. Remain ever mindful of your vibrational state, shifting it when the winds of your sails head in the wrong direction and you will be in the eye of the storm no matter where it goes and no matter what swirls around you.

Make the commitment now to release all of those hooks, subconscious traps and wounds that seek to keep you mired. See the traps that await you and anchor yourself with plans and practices to keep you centered. 

Mood follows action, action follows choice, and choice follows perspective. You are only as free as your mind is allowed to be. You can only be as powerful as you allow your soul to flow. 

Let your soul expression burst through the levy’s of your fears, so that you can create a life that is completely your own. Yes, it seems so much is uncertain and so much seems to be so out of your control- this has always been the case – but for those who decided to take up the idea that this world was their’s to create.  

Journal prompts:

Where is fear and worry seeping into your unconscious mind?

How can you use your unique story and gifts to support the greater good today?

What keeps you feeling grounded and clear minded? How can you implement these things for the coming week and month ahead?

What is your intuition telling you to do, be, have or know this week? This month?

In honor of Native American Awareness month, our community will be giving 10% of our profits from our monthly energy healing towards @protectthesacrednow who work to protect what is sacred – elders, language, medicine ways, and culture from COVID-19. If possible, we encourage you to do the same.