By Wellness Official

In Conversation: Himalayan Yoga Master Yogmata

A few years ago, Wellness Official was invited to the UN to meet the renowned Himalayan yoga master Yogmata, one of the most respected yoga teachers in Japan and India. The NY Wellness Official team shot her exclusively for this interview. The following interview is the culmination of a series of conversations with Yogamata, with some excerpts shared below.

Wellness Official: Do you believe that Coronavirus has a deeper message and meaning for our world to understand and wake up to? If so, what do you believe that is?

Yogmata: The Corona Virus ravages are the result of the destruction of nature and unnaturalness caused by the human ego. It is important for everyone to realize this, reflect on it and change the way of living. We need to be more humble and have an attitude of reverence and respect for nature. This body and mind are also born of nature, given to us. We have no appreciation for nature and use our mind and body with our self-desires. We need to return to our true nature with more love and gratitude. We need to harmonize and purify our mind and body. We need to get rid of greed and live more humbly with the blessings of nature. It’s time to learn to do so. How foolish it would be to just cultivate strength, take up arms and fight with the power of money!

It is important for us to nurture cosmic love and be aware that we should grow from an animal to a person of divine character. Himalayan sacred teachings, the path to enlightenment that I practice, enable us to become true self and a person with true complete quality. I’m sharing how to do that, how to grow your body and your mind. I’m delivering that message. And I’m also sharing blessings to you. One of them is Himalayan Siddha meditation.

Wellness Official: What advice do you have to young leaders in the wellness and spirituality world who wish to make a great impact on the world?

Yogamata: Saving people is a big deal. If you guide a person with your values, you’ll control them and make them go a long way. It is a waste of time and energy in a person’s life because you are forcing your values on them.

It is important to keep your mind pure first. It is also important to respect the other person’s heart. It is important for the person to make his or her own choices. If you haven’t yet reached the truth, you should humbly look within yourself. I think you must go on in awe of the unseen presence within you.

Wellness Official: Could speak to what your perspective is on spirituality at the intersection of money, fame and influence? 

Yogmata: Money is the energy that is used to make people live. People have an ego, so when they get something, they can become corrupt. Samadhi brings world peace. There is infinite love, silence and abundant life energy beyond our minds. It is important for each of us to be rich. Money is not taken away when we die. I think it would be good if more people offer money to make everyone happy and it could be used for things that would make people truly grow. Offering money and deepening love remove attachments, make people happy, and help people shine from a deep place. We will raise our consciousness and know the truth. The sooner we receive the blessings of those who have come to know the truth, the sooner our consciousness is raised and this world is changed. 

The riches of fame and money are mere material riches. We need to awaken a deeper sense of abundance and make the world a place where people can help each other. 

If each one of us evolve our consciousness beyond the mind of discrimination and become a true spiritual person, this world will change. For that to happen, we need to elevate our spirituality. It is important to live a life that fosters true love, not just material greed. We need to promote such a way of living.

Wellness Official: What else do you want to share with us?

Yogmata: It is our mission to walk the path of truth. You have the opportunity to achieve enlightenment in this world. A lot of people think the world of illusion is the real world and they want to be happy there. But the clash of ego and ego makes it impossible to be happy. The mind is enlarged, swayed by the past and the future, and clouded by karma. As a result, you are living in a selfish way. 

Wellness Official: Where can we connect with you?

Yogmata: Usually, I visit New York three times in a year, though I could not have done this year yet due to Corona. You can lean more on the web. Please contact us HERE.