By Millana Snow

Energy Reading: September

September 2020, a month where your attention has never been more valuable. It’s time to focus, and despite all of those things that we are happening around us or around the world, it’s time to focus on the inner realm. It’s time to focus on you, your dreams, your healing, and your inner guidance first and foremost.

What are you thinking, creating and giving your attention to? Know that the momentum that you feel, the energy that you hold and the visions that you vibrate in is what you create and draw to you consciously and unconsciously.

This month there will be much to give your attention to both in the inner world and the world that whirls around us. If you allow it, your attention will be pulled from here and there, scattered and smashed against mirrors of fear and lack. But if you have the courage and the audacity there will be gifts beyond words for turning within with deep reverence and reflection.

By focusing on the inner self/the limitless self/the true self, you are being the most selfless that you can be. If you want to make a change and shift in your life, community, and in this world make a change and shift by being in tune with inner vision instead of what is on the television.

Have the courage through and through to let your attention come back to cultivating a deep relationship of trust with your own institution and knowing. From that devotion and cultivation there will be an overflow for you and plenty to share for those who seek to commune with you in this same resonance.

Journal prompts

  1. What habits do I currently have awareness of that distract me and pull me away from inner peace and clarity?
  2. Am I willing to preemptively make a choice to shut off those channels of distraction and face what I must within myself? How will I do this today?
  3. What am I focusing on that I do not want to create more of or see more of in the world?
  4. What can I focus on, cultivate, and feel that I want to see and experience more of in my life and in the world?
  5. Who or what tends to distract me from my flow? Can I note that now as a flag so that I will not get sucked in?
  6. What do I want to focus on daily? Each week? And this month?